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Inverter Battery Problems And Solutions

4 Common Inverter Problems and their Solutions

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  • June 20, 2024

The world is transforming and has become a metropolis of innovation and technology. Earlier basic requirements were only limited to having regular access to food, shelter, and a basic job. People were having long power cuts and very little electricity availability. Technology innovated, here now we have a lot of inverter options but being a normal electronic device, it also can face many issues. So let’s understand the type of issues an inverter battery can suffer like inverter overload problems and many more. we will be looking at the generalized solutions that we can opt for. The below-written blog will make you acknowledge the conditions of the inverter battery problems and solutions.

Potential Problems in Inverter Battery:-

Continuous alarm beeping:- Sometimes, your inverter starts a very irritating beeping sound which can be caused by many reasons. But the main meticulous reason behind this inverter problem is the increase in the burden of the devices connected to that inverter. Another reason can be low battery voltage and high- temperature which is also responsible for the continuous alarm beeping.

Solution:- The easiest way to cater to this inverter problem is either to decrease the number of appliances or connect the inverter to a specific switch that provides a specific and continuous voltage to the inverter battery.

Overheating of the Inverter-battery:- Electronic appliances generally produce heat while working. this is also applicable in inverters as inverters problems. But sometimes they are overly used to their working capacity, they tend to produce over-heat. The main reason behind it is the location of the inverter battery. Inverters placed in less ventilated areas are more prone to overheating.

Solution:- The solution for this particular inverter problem is to keep the inverter in a very open place or nicely ventilated area. The presence of air helps in the circulation of air which reduces the chances of overheating.

Inverter Battery Under Performances:- The most general inverter problems that would be encountered by any inverter system are related to poor battery performance, which originates from weakening or completely dead batteries.

Solution:- Making sure that your inverter is performing at full potential and can give you uninterrupted power throughout is quite critical for its prompt replacement in case your batteries turn faulty. This would help in ensuring continuous and reliable power supply through your inverter system.

Reduced Power Backup:- A very common inverter problem is its very short backup duration. The cause behind the same is excessive power draw or inadequate battery charging.

Solution:- The solution to this problem is to reduce the inverter overload problem of the electrical appliances on the inverter. If the battery's cell is low, it can reduce the backup time. Replace batteries with distilled water, ensuring the fluid level remains between the specified maximum and minimum markers.

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