5 Essential tips to keep your car battery healthy

Car Battery Tips

Essential Car Battery Tips for UAE Drivers In Summer

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  • May 10, 2024

Dubai is a destination for high-profile businessmen and car enthusiasts. Dubai is also famous for high-end cars and travellers but as the scorching summers are faced by the traveller that also impact their overall health, then the car battery is no exception. It is very challenging for drivers to keep their car batteries in good condition in the extreme summer of Dubai. If the car battery is not maintained properly, you will face an unexpected shutdown in the scorching heat of Dubai.

So, to take care of your car battery and let it stay healthy in the summer of Dubai, here are some times that will enhance the battery's health as well as performance.

5 Tips to Maintain Car Battery

  • Keep the Battery Always cool

As you have heard from many people, extreme temperatures are the worst enemy of batteries and they can devastatingly decrease the battery's life as well as performance. So, parking your car in a garage or away from sunlight might be worth it for you as it will save your battery from the direct heat of summer and let the battery maintain its optimal temperature. A small investment in the battery insulation kit might increase the battery's performance as well as its lifespan.

  • Check Battery Fluid Level Regularly

Just as a human body needs water to stay hydrated in the scorching summer, your car battery also needs ample fluid to function properly and effectively. It is advised to regularly pop the hood and inspect the fluid level and if it decreases must fill them with good quality fluid oil. You can also top up with the distilled water but always make sure to avoid tap water as it leads to the mineral build-up.

  • Limit Short trips and Opt for Long Trip

Making shorter trips more frequent doesn’t let the battery charge fully resulting in lesser performance. If you drive your car with a fully charged battery, you will notice a variation in the car's performance as compared to the less charged battery. So, if you want to extend the battery performance of your car you should avoid more frequent and shorter trips.

  • Tighten the Loose Connections

Sometimes bad battery connection also leads to reduced power and performance of the battery. So, regular inspection of the battery is very important as it will let you know about the loose wirings so that you can easily tighten them.

  • Test Battery Charge

For the extended lifespan of the battery, checking your voltage battery regularly is very important. You can check your battery voltage using a multimeter and know the exact potential of the battery.


Dubai is a stunning landscape of endless roads where car enthusiasts can accelerate their riding experience. To make the riding experience enjoyable, it is necessary to maintain the optimal fluid level and the right choice of battery. Put extra effort into selecting the battery and searching for the battery that can handle heat like a champion. You can also bet on Tesla Power USA products that offer good quality batteries as well as battery fluids.

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