How to check car battery voltage in Dubai?

Check Car Battery Voltage

Easy Ways to Check Your Car Battery Voltage in Dubai

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  • June 15, 2024

You are in a rush to get to a business meeting. You hop into the car, turn the key in the ignition, and instead of the engine roaring to life, you hear a weak sound. It sometimes just won't move. You are stuck in the middle of searing heat, realizing you have one dead battery on your hands and now you're going to be late.
This is the story of what most people have gone through in the harsh Dubai climate, which makes the car batteries easily run out of order due to extreme temperatures. This is why one must always keep looking over the voltage in his or her car battery. This simple step will help you escape breakdowns, avoid expenses, and have your vehicle ready whenever you want. Luckily, the voltage check on your car battery in Dubai is not a proficient technical procedure. Let’s understand some simple ways of checking the state of your battery in this blog so you are better placed in keeping it maintained and thus, keeping your car running trouble-free.

But first, let’s understand the different signs that explain whether you need your car battery replacement or not.

1. Your headlights seem to be somewhat dim.
2. The brightness of your headlights varies when you accelerate the engine.
3. As you drive, the interior lights begin to grow increasingly dim.
4. The car makes a slight growling noise.

There are many ways to check the overall health of the car battery:-

1. Hydrometer check:- This test can be carried out on the older type of car battery. The conventional battery usually has a removable cap that can be used hydrometer can measure the specific gravity of the battery’s electrolyte. This helps in calculating its charge levels and determining its overall health.

2. Load test:- This test measures the car battery’s ability to hold a charge under load. Under this test, a specialized tool is used. If The voltage comes to more than a particular level then it's the time to change the car battery.

3. Voltage test:- To assess the condition of your car battery using a voltmeter is also a good option. Generally, readings of 12.6 to 12.8 volts indicate that the battery is perfectly healthy and fully charged. If the reading goes much lower than this voltage, this could mean your battery is losing some charge capacity.

If the above test indicates some negative results, then it's time to replace your car battery.

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