Brake Fluid Maintenance: How Often Should You Change It?

Brake Fluid Maintenance

Brake Fluid Maintenance: How Often Should You Change It?

brake fluid maintenance
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  • MAR 05 , 2024

Brake fluid maintenance ensures the proper functionality of the vehicle’s brake system. The brake system of a vehicle is a critical component that shouldn’t be overlooked. So, one should regularly inspect and maintain proper brake fluid levels. But how often does a brake fluid need maintenance?

Exploring the article will deliver some facts that you might not know about lubricants.

What is Brake Fluid?

The brake fluid has an important role in minimizing the stress of the brake pedal that is caused due to hard acceleration or brake. Reasonable Brake fluid helps in easily stooping a fast-moving vehicle. To keep the braking performance of the vehicle in stable condition, it is necessary to maintain a reasonable fluid level and regular service of brakes. If the brake lacks fluid, it causes squeaky brake pads resulting in lower brake performance which takes a longer time to stop the vehicle. So, it is necessary to take care of the fluid level to ensure safety on the road.

Why Brake Fluid is Important?

Modern-age vehicles come with a modern engine where the engine generates high pressure and creates heavy demand upon the braking system. Whenever hard braking is done by the riders, they think about the wear and tear of brake discs and pads. However, the assumption of the rider is right but these brake pads are disc are part of a hydraulic system that relies on the work fluid to function properly. So, for an efficient braking system brake fluid always has a great role. A brake can’t function healthy in lack of fluid level.

The moisture present in the fluid is sucked by the brake which decreases the fluid moisture and increases the boiling point. Once the boiling point of fluid increases, the brakes become unresponsive or sluggish. So, it is always recommended to use high-quality brake fluid for a healthy braking system.

How Often Does Brake Fluid Need Changes?

Counting fluid changes in the year will not be the right answer to this query because changing brake fluid depends on the driving condition of the vehicles and the models of vehicles. If the vehicles are driven for a long time and more frequent then it is recommended to change the brake fluid every 2 years. If the vehicle is not driven for a long time, then fluid requirements may vary. It is advisable to maintain fluid for safety. It is more necessary to carry out the visual inspection for necessary changes. These are the things that indicate fluid change.
Dirty appearance of brake fluid.
The sluggish and spongy braking system.
The fluid smells foul and drops the level of fluid.


It is said that brake fluid should be replaced every 2 years or after travelling 30,000 miles. This is not the exact data for fluid changes as it is more likely to depend on the driving condition, driving habits, and model of vehicles. Going through the listed information one can easily understand the requirements and changes in fluid.

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